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Spring Mountain Free Trappers

The Spring Mountain Free Trappers are a family oriented, black powder shooting club dedicated to recreating the western fur trapping era of 1800 to 1840, by making or acquiring and using the clothes, tools, and weapons of this period.

We are structured under an Indian Tribal system where each Clan is responsible for their own function, but is a part of the Company as one Club. There are three stages of advancement within the Company.


A person who has shown an interest in the Company by paying a fee for individual or family membership. Each person showing an ability to load and fire a muzzle-loading firearm unaided and safely over a set course. A Pilgrim is on probation at all times.

Free Trapper

Is the heart of the company. A Pilgrim may reach this status by assisting each clan in its function for the Company. Upon completion of these tasks, his or her name may be presented to Council for their Free Trapper status. Then he or she may petition a Clan to be a member of that Clan.

The Clan

Is the governing body of the Company. Only Clan members age sixteen and over may vote on matters concerning the function of the Company. Each Clan is self governing and has sole authority for its function through a majority vote of the clan members. Each Clan has the responsibility to host a shoot in rotation with the other Clans.

The Council

Is entrusted with the administration of the Company, and will be made up of the Boos way, Shaman, Clan Heads, Segundo, Medicine Men, Secretary, and Purser. They are bound by the single vote of the Clan members on things pertaining to the function of the company. Only the Clan Heads have a vote in Council.

The Booshway

Sits as chairman of the Council in controlling the meetings having one vote to be used only as the tie breaker. To see that the task set by the Clan members through their Council vote is carried out. The Boos way works as organizer to the Clans in planning the S.M.F.T. rendezvous.

Clan Head

Controls the Clan meetings. Works with clan members in planning its function for the Company. Presents the Clan vote to Council. The Clan Head is the Range Master at any Clan function.

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Booshway – Dan Trousdale (Buffalo Rump)


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