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The Spring Mountain Free Trappers are a group dedicated to the preservation of the fur trapping period in the Rocky Mountains from 1805 to 1840.

We do seminars at schools or for groups that are teaching about this period of the history of the United States.  We show the tools of the trapper’s trade before and during the westward expansion.  Without these tools he could not trap the beaver or keep himself alive.

The mountain men would bring their furs and goods to Rendezvous to trade for the things they would need for the next years trapping season.  This was why the Rendezvous was started to allow them a place for trading without having to travel to town and cities.

The Rendezvous gave mountain men an outlet for demonstrations and competitions displaying their abilities.  This participation gave them the opportunity to participate and wager on the outcome of the games.

Contact the Booshway to set up dates and times, always keep your powder dry and your scalp in the right place.

There is no charge to the school or group.

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