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Spring Mountain Free Trappers newest 3D’s Targets

One of these suspects shown in the upper left picture is being accused of the vicious attack that is shown in the other three pictures of one of our poor defenseless 3-D that was minding his own business awaiting the next day of arrows being shot at him,,,, and now he has seen his last Rendezvous . !!!!


Locations and Shoot Sites

 All of our shoot sites are accessible by passenger car and RV’s, plenty of room for camping (dry camps). Bring water and firewood (no ground fires). Family and visitors are always welcome, there’s plenty of experienced shooters around always willing to help new shooters get started.

Lovell Canyon Wash

From I-15, take state Rt. 160 approx. 24 miles towards Pahrump to Lovell canyon road. Go 5.8 miles to the wash at the bottom of the hill. You can see us before you get there!

Blue Tree:  From US 95 North turn left on Lee Canyon Rd (SR 156). Proceed approx. 12.2 miles to Blue Tree sign.  Turn right.